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RE: Proposal for Large Dump in Washington County

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April 24, 2006

To: Local Newspapers

On Wednesday, April 19, 2006, Dean Bradshaw of Dennysville,
representing Marian Transfer Station, Inc., filed an application with the
Land Use Regulation Commission in Augusta requesting a zoning change for
4,700 acres (over 7 square miles).

If LURC were to permit this zoning change, it would create a huge
industrial zone out of woods situated on a hill directly above numerous
streams and
lakes in Township 14 (check your DeLorme Atlas).

This zoning change request is to pave the way for a large
construction & demolition debris (C&DD) dump. C&DD contains many hazardous
materials, including whatever anyone throws into a building being
demolished. Bad stuff.

This is peculiar, though, since Maine's DEP Commissioner, David
Littell, has stated recently that Maine already has sufficient capacity for
Maine's C&DD dumping needs. For whose trash would this dump be?

Garbage is the new gold, it seems.

The consortium of 15 towns-- Perry, Eastport, Pembroke, Dennysville,
Whiting, Lubec, Machiasport, Cutler, East Machias, Northfield, Wesley,
Charlotte, Meddybemps, Cooper, and Robbinston--plus the County Jail and
Unorganized Territories that form the Marian Transfer Station, Inc. had over
$2 million in reserve, at least until recently. Money, likely several
hundred thousand dollars, has already been spent for engineering work on the
proposed dump site.

Surely that money could be used to lower tipping fees for the towns,
rather than build a huge dump for from-away filth.

Better yet, the towns could use the money to build composting and
recycling facilities around the region, making it convenient for people to
do what's right: conserve natural resources and keep toxic materials out of
our waters.

If elected to the Maine State Senate this year, I will be happy to
introduce legislation to subsidize this work, and help the towns put
composting and recycling facilities in place.

To get a LURC public hearing, which is essential to getting the
Applicant under oath on the record about this proposal to turn 4,700 acres
of Washington County's woods into an industrial zone, just write a brief
letter saying you'd like a public hearing on the proposal for a zoning
change in Twp. 14 and send it to:
Director Catherine Carroll
Land Use Regulation Commission
State House Station 22
Augusta, Maine 04333

The process has just begun. My website,, will be
updated on this project as deadlines approach. We need to send those
letters in now, but a Public Hearing may not be held for a few months while
LURC staff goes over the application and the site.

Shades of Township 30. It's clear we're never safe and must always
remain vigilant to prevent toxic incursions into our woods and waters.

I'm re-awakening the Clean Water Coalition, the group that beat back
the proposed dump in Township 30 in the late 80's. Contact me to be put on
the list to be notified when we need to have a meeting.

Also, I've learned that the Board of Directors of the Marian
Transfer Station, Inc., the ones promoting this dump, meet the first Tuesday
of every month at 6:30pm at the Pembroke School. Since these are public
meetings, anyone may attend.
- Nancy Oden, 497-5727



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