Nancy Oden



Bangor Daily News, May 2007

Prisons, Garbage, Pesticides, and More

by Nancy Oden

"Economic development, " indeed!  Washington County is treated like a Third-World country.  That is, stripping and extracting natural resources, along with poisoning the land and waters-and thereby poisoning all creatures who live here--are what opportunistic self-servers call "economic development" for Washington County.

            Here are current and proposed so-called "economic development" projects for Washington County:

So, is this "economic development," or is it self-serving on the part of some State bureaucrats and the same "good old boys" crowd?  You decide.

Better to expend our energies saving our natural beauty and natural resources, rather than letting opportunistic self-servers destroy what's left.

We need to change society's (actually, corporate) priorities from "anything for money" to "what's the best way to solve this problem" and then figure out how to do what's best, what's right, without considering who's going to get rich.

If we keep on this path, we'll get where we're going.  None of us will like that future.

We can slow down climate catastrophes, but only if you and you and you speak out and keep speaking out until we get it right.

Please enter the fray against corporations' creed of "money over all."  Either We, the People, take over and start making good decisions, or we will get where we're going - faster than anyone thought.

Nancy Oden of Jonesboro, is coordinator of Clean Water Coalition.
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